Hickman Kewpies

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Parental Consent and Release of Liability for Student to be Trasported

Parental Consent and Release of Liability

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Contract for Transporting Student in Personal Vehicle

Contract between Individual and District for Transport

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Student Accident Insurance

MO-INCLFB-4-NX  Go to  https://www.bollingerschools.com/site/parents/purchase-coverage.aspx   to purchase the insurance.   Type “Columbia” in the search bar at the site.  

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Welcome to Hickman High School!

My name is Tony Gragnani and I have the honor to serve as Hickman’s principal. While this is my first year as Hickman’s principal it is my 8th year as a member of the Hickman Faculty and my 12th year in education. One thing that I have learned in my time here is that Hickman is a special place filled with exceptional people. A place where students feel loved and accepted, a place where numerous friendships are formed and memories are created. We are a place where students transition from childhood to adulthood, where they become Kewpies.

Tony Gragnani


Hickman Kewpie Fight Song

On, Sons of Hickman (Kewpies on the March)


On, sons of Hickman

Thru every year,

Praise her and honor her,

And greet her with a cheer,

We’ll shout it!

Kewpies are on the march,

Faithful we’ll always be,

Purple and Gold we’ll carry To victory!

Strawberry Shortcake, Gooseberry Pie


Are we it? Well I guess yes!

Cause we’re the KEWPIES of H-H-S!